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Welcome to Okanagan Underground Services Ltd. in Oliver BC. We offer several services including water, sewer and septic installations, land clearing, demolition and site dewatering. We have designed and built several irrigation systems for agriculture – including vineyards – throughout the South Okanagan Valley and offer expert consultations in this industry.

Our commercial irrigation projects include building and repairing municipal civil waterworks and industrial site preparation and drainage. After assessing the project, we help local municipalities strategically plan and solve repairs or build additional infrastructure. 

Our Excavation Services Include;


Site Preparation & Demolition


Irrigation Systems

Our Excavation Services encompass a comprehensive range of offerings designed to meet and exceed your project needs. Whether it’s precision excavation with excavator and bobcat services you require, or the heavy lifting and mobility of dump truck services, we have the equipment and expertise ready. For those in need of subterranean solutions, we specialize in the installation and repair of septic systems, sewers, and water lines. Our team is also well-versed in site preparation and demolition, ensuring a clean slate and solid groundwork for any project. Additionally, we provide irrigation system installations to support agricultural and landscaping needs. Located in Oliver, BC, Okanagan Excavation Services proudly serves the entire South Okanagan region, bringing reliability, efficiency, and quality to every job.

Why Hire Okanagan Underground Services?

One popular reason for hiring our excavation services is the installation of residential swimming pools or land clearing for new basements.

We provide the earthwork, backfilling and fine grading needed to make your project a success.

Our fleet of heavy-duty equipment enables us to tackle large projects, and our smaller equipment, takes care of the fine details of site cleanup without disturbing the existing landscaping.

Performing excavation services in confined spaces is not a problem for our skilled team, as we work on delicate projects and landscaping.


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We had Jason and his team install our irrigation at our home. On budget, on time, and was very knowledgeable in getting what was needed and done for my project! Very satisfied!

Steve Bicknell

Thank you Jason Vala! Great experience, watching someone with skills dig up my front yard to find my sewer pipe. Delicate work with a big machine all done quickly, efficiently and respectfully.

Helene Urcullu

Dave Homenuik