Municipal Civil Waterworks

Count on the team at Okanagan Underground Services if you are a municipality in the South Okanagan looking to expand or restore water pipes, culverts and drains. We work closely with subdivision contractors and cities to smoothly link municipal waterworks, so no disruption of service occurs.

Pipes can break during roadwork, during shifts in the earth from seismic activity, damage from tree roots, or when the pipes degrade and reach end-of-life. Request a free consultation or give us a call to discuss your requirements, budget and timeframe.

Our Municipal Waterworks Services Include:




Water, Sewer, Storm Line Repairs and Replacement


Municipal Irrigation Systems


Testing and Troubleshooting Water Pipes

Building Futures, Preserving Flow: Smoothing the Wave of Urban Expansion

Collaboration with developers is a fundamental aspect of our approach to ensure that integrating new subdivisions and rural developments into existing water infrastructure across the South Okanagan causes no disruption. Our project managers are skilled in scheduling the equipment you need – at just the right time – throughout all construction phases. This meticulous coordination guarantees that the expansion of water delivery to new areas across the city will not negatively impact the community’s access to reliable and clean water. We are committed to your goals of delivering essential utilities while at the same time recognizing our communities need to grow.

Repairs and replacement of water, sewer, and storm drains that have aged or been damaged, can be critical for municipalities required to prevent potential health risks and environmental damage. Contact us for your municipal and civil waterworks projects that can ensure the availability of clean and safe water for cities like Osoyoos, Oliver and Penticton. We have the technology to troubleshoot water pipes and identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems.