Looking for Vineyard Excavation and Irrigation Services in the South Okanagan?

This semi-arid desert region encompasses the famous Golden Mile Bench, an official sub-appellation stretching along the western slope just south of Oliver. We are pleased to also provide excavation services along the Black Sage and Naramata bench areas. We can prepare your land for grape and other fruit production. We can plan, design and complete your project that may include moving and clearing land, pounding posts, installing underground and drip irrigation, and building trellis systems for your vines.

Excavating your land in the right way can help with everything from expanding areas for new outbuildings, to optimizing crop yield. Our expert team is here to help you safely and economically transform your commercial property – give us a call!

vineyard excavation
Sunset at Okanagan Lake vineyard

Vineyard Irrigation System Installation and Repair Services

You’ve come to the right place. For many years, we have worked on agricultural irrigation systems, including fruit crops and grape cultivation across the South Okanagan. We can help to provide a reliable water source for your crops.

Along with the serious investment you need to start in the wine industry, you need experienced, skilled irrigation specialists. There are over 120 wineries with an incredible 2,400 hectares of land planted with grape varietals from pinot noir to merlot in our sunny Valley; talk to us about our recent projects!

Emergency Services

During the flood season in early spring, we make ourselves available to vineyards throughout the Okanagan Valley for emergency response. We arrive on-scene with our equipment as soon as possible to prevent further flood damage by repairing roads and culverts and trenching for drainage. We have earned the loyalty of property owners as an experienced eco-conscious team that works hard in response to emergencies from floods and drainage problems.

Our Vineyard Services Include:






Irrigation Line Repairs and Replacement


Road Repair